The Dolphins tried to move up to No. 1, but the price was far too steep.

Morris Claiborne sliding all the way to No. 8 makes for an attractive option for the Dolphins, but now the Cowboys are getting antsy about the player they were already willing to go up even higher to get. The Cowboys finally get the deal done and grab the player they wanted all along, while the Dolphins move down to No. 14 and cross their fingers that a player like Michael Floyd, Melvin Ingram or Quinton Coples is still available when they’re up again.

Now owners of the No. 5 and No. 22 picks thanks to the Browns, there’s less incentive for the Rams to pull off the big trade down with the Dallas Cowboys that eventually landed them defensive tackle Michael Brockers. St. Louis also has the chance to take running back Trent Richardson, a player who was considered the team’s top choice.

The Rams liked him so much that the Browns moved up from No. 4 to No. 3, a seemingly pointless trade, just to make sure nobody like St. Louis scooped them for the highly touted running back. In hindsight, the Rams were lucky to dodge Richardson but with him falling right in their laps, there’s no way they pass.

The Rock walks over to the wall between a flat-screen television and a projector screen and places his right hand flat on it before knocking on the wall a couple of times.

Then Johnson rests his muscular back against the wall.

This is what works for me, Johnson tells everyone of how he starts every morning. Excuse my language, my back is up against this m—–f—– … every day. It’s against this m—–f—– because that’s what I believe in, and when my back is against this m—–f—–, then there’s nowhere to go … but that way.

Johnson points both his index fingers forward, then continues his 30-minute-plus motivational talk, delivering the kind of insight that Fortune 500 companies pay big money to successful personalities to impart upon their leaders and employees. This past season, the Lakers brought in their own All-Star cast of movers and shakers in Johnson, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, Hollywood heavyweight Jeffrey Katzenberg and Olympic and world champion sprinter Allyson Felix to share the secrets to their success as part of the Los Angeles Lakers Genius Series.

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